www.CTN.com.kh – The Official Website of CTN

www.CTN.com.kh is the official website of CTN (Cambodian Television Network). You can find a lot of information related to this channel on this website so you can understand more about it and like it more. You can know the schedule as well as program in this TV and also the news related to it. Moreover, […]

Online CTN Khmer Comedy

Khmmer Comedy Performed on CTN is the most popular Comedy program in Cambodia. You can watch some comedy on CTN every weekend. Peak Mi group is one of the most comedian group in Cambodia, this group is based in CTN. Tweet

Why CTN is the most popular TV Channel in Cambodia

Was found in 2003, CTN is now the most popular TV channel in Cambodia. Most people in Cambodia watch CTN everyday in their spare time especially at night. CTN is a channel with many programs such as hot news, drama, concert as well as comedy. The best things is that CTN always have a leading […]